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*Note: for a more detailed version of the resume, please download it from below.


363 S Curson Avenue, Los Angeles - 90036

PH: (213) 595 9991 EMAIL: navinnair1985@gmail.com LINKED-IN: http://www.linkedin.com/in/srinavinnair

www.srinavinnair.com  |  www.zen-coder.com


To aid in the creation of polished high quality interactive experiences with my expertise in game programming.

  • Gameplay Programmer at Muti Labs (Unannounced project))  (June 2013 - Present) 
  • Gameplay Programmer at Rebel Entertainment (Dungeon Rampage (www.dungeonrampage.com), Stronghold)  (March 2012 - May 2013) 
  • Lead Software Engineer at Codename Games (Cordy, Project Nubby, Boom!, SAMRPG)   (June 2010 - Feb 2012)  
  • Co-op at Silvertree Media as a programmer  (Jan - May 2010)  
  • Internship at Silvertree Media where I was one of the two programmers for the core framework of their game Cordy (www.cordythegame.com(May - Aug 2009)  
  • Internship at SimOps Studios where I was a programmer helping them with the release of their WildPockets engine. (www.wildpockets.com(Jan - May 2008) 
  • Internship at Intel where I created a frontal Face Detection and simple Recognition prototype software. (Summer 2007)

  • Master's in Entertainment Technology at the Carnegie Mellon University. (2008 - 2010)
  • Bachelors of Technology in Computer Science from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka in India. (2008)


      MASTERS: (2008 - 2010)
    • Created an Artificial Intelligence framework with steering behaviors and pathfinding for the Panda3D Game Engine (part of a 5 member team). (www.etc.cmu.edu/projects/pandai(2009)
    • Created a game engine in OpenGL/SDL and a 2D platforming game called 'Help Yourself' (part of a 5 member team). (2009)
    • Serious Games project for Lockheed Martin to make a prototype game with a focus on data collection and analysis in UNITY3D (part of a 7 member team). (2009)
    • Programmed games in the Panda3D engine using Python (Multiple teams of 4): (2008)
        •  in a Virtual Reality Environment : Speedy
        •  for the Jam-O-Drum - Pull                                                               (Selected for BVW Show 2008)
        •  for Playmotion and Beyond Question remotes - Prison Break        (Selected for BVW Show 2008)
        •  for Phidgets and Beyond Question remotes - God's Own                (Selected for BVW Show 2008)

      UNDERGRAD:  (2004 - 2008)
    • Created an Artificial Intelligence for a Chess program which incorporated simple learning. (7th Semester)
    • Created a 3D Chess program which works over a network using OpenGl and 3d studio max in VC++. (6th semester)
    • Created a graphics editor in C using low level graphics.  (4th Semester)

  • Took part in two 24 hour Game Jams with my teams where we made a game using the Wild Pockets engine (Snaking Adventures and Ghost Runners).  (2008 at ETC)
  • Took part in two 48 hour Global Game Jams where my team and I created games in Unity3D (Blocking Shadows and Last Hope). (2009 at ETC)

  • Languages :        Skilled in:        C++/C#
                                         Familiar with:   C/Lua/AS3//Python/Javascript

                                         Used before:      Processing/Assembly(8086)/Java/Visual Basic
  • Engines:               Unity3D, Playstation HomePanda3D, Wildpockets and Flash.
  • Applications:       Adobe Photoshop,  3D Studio Max, Maya, Adobe Audition, Flash.

  • Award for the Highest score in Computer Science in the Central Board of Secondary Education, India (2004)

References can be found on Linked-In

This resume can be downloaded for further reference from the attachment below.
Srinavin N,
May 12, 2013, 12:05 AM
Srinavin N,
May 12, 2013, 12:05 AM