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  • This was the first game made at Codename and probably the project we were most passionate about since it was our own design.
  • In the game, you choose a type of doll (Tank, Agility or Mage) and try to traverse the hex mountain and ultimately fight a mechanical dragon!
  • Each hex based on its type had a special property and you moved around in a turn based fashion using a spin-wheel spun by the dragon.
  • There were monsters, clockworks ( special pieces which gave you bonuses like healing, teleportation etc.) and loot to equip on your doll.
  • My role was the sole programmer who wrote all the game functionality and a level editor for a designer to quickly create levels.
  • Sadly, due to unfortunate problems, the game was cancelled just before its Beta.
  • One day I hope to revive it again, once the legal stuff is out of the way.