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Face Detection

 The software analyzes a window from a movie clip and detects a face which doesn’t exist in its database of faces.

This project was done as an internship at Intel. 
  • The interface was made in VC++ using MFC programming for the dialog boxes, buttons and labels. 
  • The main code is OpenCv which are a set of libraries made by Intel for Image processing.
  • The face detection uses Haar-Classifiers and an XML file created with positive and negative samples to detect faces in an image.
  • Videos are processed frame by frame.
  • The face recognition is based on the RGB parameters of the eyes, hair and skin and incase the database doesn’t have the image it can be incorporated via the Analyze and Enter function.
Attached below is the code for the project

Srinavin N,
Sep 25, 2009, 5:43 PM