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Code Samples

The attachment below has a compilation of code for various projects that I have done in different languages.

2D Engine (C++)
My experiments with an OpenGL/SDL engine. It has sprite loading, animations, particle effects, profiler and a scrolling camera.

Behavior Tree Editor (AS3)
A tool I made with AIR to allow designers to create/save/load out behavior trees.

Cogs (Lua)
This is the source code for the Playstation Home Cogs game which I wrote. A pretty complicated game to build in just Lua.

Life (C#)
Conway's Game of Life in Unity. Added support to add Patterns.

Networking (C++)
A client-server architecture for an indie game I am making called Anti-Chess. This is the server part of it using boost:asio for asynchronous events.

Srinavin N,
May 12, 2013, 1:09 PM